Tuesday, October 16, 2012

EclipseCon Europe - Join the Party!

Only one week until EclipseCon Europe 2012 will take off in Ludwigsburg. Again hundreds of Eclipse enthusiasts will strive for the next record of highest WiFi usage ever in the Swabian city with the largest baroque castle in Germany. From Oct 23 to 25 the Forum am Schlosspark will transform to a vibrant place of technical discussions, entertaining sessions and socializing. Thanks to the huge amount of submissions from the Community the program committee managed again to tie up three days of deep technical content about Eclipse, the framework and the ecosystem, about its past, present and future (actually not to much about the past, but that's a good thing, isn't it?).

I will have the pleasure to talk about a potpourri of different topics that each cover some field of interest of mine.

Tue 9:00AM - 12:30PM: Getting Started With Xtend
My conference starts on Tuesday Morning at 9:00 in the Schubartsaal. Sven and I give a tutorial about Xtend where you will have the chance to get your hands dirty on interesting and challenging programming problems and puzzlers. You should not miss that one!

Wed 2:00PM - 2:30PM: Xtext - Best Practices
On Wednesday I will share lessons learned when using the Xtext framework. I will cover a number of topics that I encountered in the Xtext newsgroup and other noteable things that can be important in your daily work with Xtext. If you are already familiar with this cool framework and want to know more about it or just contribute your own experience to the discussion, stop by in the Theater on Wednesday, 2:00 PM.

Thu 10:30 - 11:00: Java Performance MythBusters
The submission of this talk was inspired by a talk by Arno Haase that I attended at the JAX (Arno greatfully gave permission to hijack the title of his talk - thanks for that!). In this session I want to shed light on some myths about Java's performance and often recommended Dos and Don'ts. Come to the Schubartsaal on Thursday 10:30 and I bet you'll be surprised.

Thu 1:30PM - 2:00PM: Null-Safety on Steroids
Even though the new annotation based null-ness analysis of Eclipse Juno is often very helpful, I am not really fond of the implications that their design has on a reasonable sized code-base. In my last session at this year's ECE I want to share my impressions about null-safety and static analysis. Join me in Silchersaal, Thu 1:30PM if you want to learn about different approaches to tackle the infamous NullPointerException.

Of course there are other interesting sessions, too, e.g. John Arthorne raises the question about The future of Eclipse. The marriage of JavaFX and e4 seems to be a hot topic, too, since JavaFX is a quite powerful rendering technology. And naturally I'm excited about other Xtend and Xtext related content.

If you are still not convinced, take a look at the schedule yourself and make sure you join the party!

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