Sunday, October 31, 2010

My Eclipse Summit Europe 2010

This years Eclipse Summit in Ludwigsburg is around the corner and I'm eagerly looking forward to it: The program promises to be interesting and a conference is always a great opportunity to meet nice people - especially if they owe me a beer :-)

Sven and I will give a live demo on the development of an Xtext based CSS editor that leverages the expressivness of Xbase. You'll see how easy it is to create behavioral languages with Xbase. It was really a pleasure to prepare the demo and I think we have something awesome in the pipeline. Make sure that you attend our session on Thursday, 11:30 am.

However, the conference starts on Tuesday so first things first: The first item on my personal conference schedule is the tutorial on Android development powered by Eclipse Modeling. Jan, Holger and Dennis will help you to create a language with Xtext to model your first Android app. A team from Obeo will assist you in the second part of the tutorial with Acceleo to actually generate the application from your model. Tuesday afternoon is symposia time. I'll attend the modeling symposium which promises to hold some interesting lightning demos and discussions. There, I will show how to integrate models with existing Java code by means of the JVM Types Ecore model.

On Wednesday, Sven will give a talk about dependency injection and I'd advise every developer who does not yet use and breath DI to attend this session as it's about a really a great programming model. After you've been injinfected you'll not want to miss it - especially if you use Google's DI framework Guice. Furthermore I'm looking forward to the sessions on GIT, B3 or the Code Recommenders project. I think they cover exciting technologies and projects.

Besides my own session on Thursday I can recommend Heiko's and Peter's talk about mobile development with Eclipse Modeling. I've heard this talk (or a slightly other version of it) before and it's entertaining and technically interesting.

Altogether, the odds are good that it's going to be a great conference. So in case you are one of the lucky guys who registered in time for this years ESE: See you there!