Monday, May 15, 2017

Moving On - Part 2

A big thank you for all the nice feedback and encouraging words that I received after my announcement to leave SMACC. Now, that I’ve had my last day at the company, I think it’s time to raise the curtain. And there aren’t too many surprises behind it, I guess.
From 01 June 2017 on, I’ll be a freelancer and professional consultant. I will build solutions for software developers and solve language engineering problems for my customers. My goal is to help developers and domain experts sharpening their tools, so that they can tackle their business challenges more efficiently.
Also I will work closely with the great people and friends from itemis and be part of the growing team in the Berlin branch. Of course I’m looking forward to contributing to Xtext again. After being absent for more than 15 months, a few things changed in the project, but there are plenty of interesting topics to tackle in the framework, for sure. Time to get my hands dirty!
Long story short: I’m happy to be back :)