Thursday, November 3, 2011

Xtend @ EclipseCon Europe 2011

The second day of the EclipseCon Europe 2011 is almost over and so far it's been a very nice conference. The sessions that I attended were quite interesting and the 10th birthday party was very nice. The folks from the Eclipse community are really sociable!
Now I'm looking forward to my session about Xtend - which I'm very excited about. Xtend is a programming language that is made for Java developers. With support for closures, extension methods or template expressions it allows to use some of the pending Java 8 features right now. In that sense it serves as a complement to the state of the art programming language - and integrates nicely with all the existing libraries and APIs. But first and foremost it's a real pleasure to write implementation code again, especially for scenarios where Java doesn't shine too bright. If you want to learn more about Xtend, please come to my session in the Theater Stage on Friday, 14:00.