Friday, October 26, 2012

EclipseCon Europe 2012 - Wrap-Up

As promised, this years EclipseCon Europe again was a great community event with astonishing technical content, outstanding food and most importantly many good friends. The conference organizers did a great job and prepared something for everybody: there were autonomously flying robots, a circus with do-it-yourself fire breathing and a great live band. It's this package which makes the EclipseCon a unique and memorable experience. And the co-located beerfest at the Nestor Bar did its share to ensure that we don't get too much sleep.

However, as Sepp Herberger put it: "After the game is before the game!" The next EclipseCon will be in Boston, 25 - 28 March.

The early bird deadline for the call for papers is the 31 Oct. Don't hesitate and submit your proposals about the things that you want to share with others! The more the merrier!

There will also be an EclipseCon in France, on 5-6 June for the first time. After the great success of this years EclipseDay in Toulouse, the foundation will organize a two day conference there in the next year! Stay tuned for the call for papers.

And of course you should safe the date for next years ECE in Ludwigsburg from 29-31 Oct.

In the meantime make sure you don't forget to complete the conference survey and provide feedback for the speakers.

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