Thursday, November 1, 2012

JUGFFM: A Scenic View, Ebblewoi and Very Nice People

Yesterday I had the opportunity to give a presentation about Xtend at the JUG Frankfurt. I really enjoyed it since the audience had a lot of very good questions and quite some interesting discussion unfolded from those during the talk and thereafter. Many thanks to Alex who organized the event.

The JUGF Stammtisch took place in the German National Library which is such an amazing location. We were in a room on the upper floor and the nightly view on the skyline of Frankfurt was almost paralyzing - I even forgot to take a picture... For the informal Stammtisch after the talk we changed location to a secret Franconian Apfelwein Schenke whose coordinates may not be disclosed. According to the locals, it's one of the last resorts in Frankfurt that's still rather free from tourists (except for the Kieler guy who will probably never manage to pronounce Ebblewoi correctly).

In the pub, the discussions continued over cutlet with traditional Green Sauce, typical Franconian cider or beer, since only Hessian stomachs can handle proper amounts of Ebblewoi. Unfortunately I had to leave at 10pm since I had to catch the receptionist in the hotel (thanks for the short briefing before I left, Apple maps indeed tried to play tricks on me...).

To put a long story short: The JUGF is a really nice crowd and I enjoyed the company a lot. Their next meeting is already on 07 Nov 2012. If you are in Frankfurt next week, make sure to stop by if you want to discuss DevOps topics.

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