Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Xtext 0.7.1 is in the starting blocks

After an exciting Eclipse Galileo release, some celebrating and catching up a lot of sleep we decided to have a bugfix release short after Xtext 0.7.0 to incorporate some fixes that we had in the pipeline but that accidently didn't make it into the final Galileo build. The 0.7.1 release of TMF Xtext is scheduled for Friday, 17th of July, 2009 and it will contain more than 20 fixes and a few minor features that will improve the usability for both mouse and keyboard addicted users.

Thanks for all the valuable feedback that helped us to decide about the important issues that existed in the first release of TMF Xtext. Without the various complaints, questions and suggestions of our users in the newsgroup, the reports in the bugtracker and the responses via twitter, it would have been much more difficult to know where the shoe pinches.

Special thanks go to Alex from itemis Leipzip who visited us for one week in July to learn about the new version Xtext. Thereby he provided much feedback and told us about somewhat unexpected use cases. We could cover many topics about Xtext and beyond and it was great fun to learn about other people's experiences with the framework and to provide immediate help whenever possible.

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